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Hello there!

So glad you found me! Thanks for stopping by.
A little bit about me...

I’m based in Richmond, Melbourne. I LOVE this city - amazing food, coffee, things to see and do!
And - incredible people! Yep, that’s YOU!

My passion is photographing people, on any occasion. But everyone has a favourite something (song, meal…child?) and my favourite thing is weddings. Oh man - I love em!

Why? Because weddings are full of the good stuff!
Family, friends, kids, raw emotions, usually pretty epic cakes AND dancing!

I LOVE the story, the whole story. Every little detail about your story. Its your special day, and I really want to be there to capture it in every way.

Please get in touch - I’d love to hear more about you and what it is that you need captured.

Featured on:
Nouba - Jess & Dan